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Contortion - Sward Swallowing - Sideshow 




Contortion - Sward Swallowing - Sideshow 



high energy demonstrations of the amazing capabilities of the human body with physical comedy and absurdism. Through years of practice and study with Yogis and Fakirs Bendini is able to perform many dangerous feats including swallowing stainless steel swords, contorting and distorting his body into weird and wonderful shapes or even through a tennis racket. Whether it be risking his life or undertaking an absurd challenge he always strives to put a smile on your face.

Full set of Skills


Mixing Front Bending contortion with handbalance Bendini is able to dismante his body through multiple tennis rackets, balance on precarious things in unusual shapes as well as distorting and contorting his body in fantastic ways. 

Peg face

Able to fit an astonishingly large amount of clothes pegs on his face, as well as arms, legs chest and pretty much any part of his body. 

Sword swallowing

Perhaps one of the most dangerous of the sideshow arts real steel swords are pushed down the throat into the stomach. Bendini performs shows in which audience members can remove the sword from inside him as well as swallowing multiple blades.

Bed of nails

The iconic fakir act, not only is the bed of nails laid upon but an audience member is asked to come and stand on Bendini

Glass walking

If the bed of nails isn't enough freshly broken glass will be walked on, stomped on, rolled in and have Bendinis face pressed into it

human pincushion

Another traditional act famously performed as part of the Thaipusam festival. Bendini will stick pins, skewers and hypodermics through his arms, body neck and face. As well as this a Staple gun can be used to fix various adornments to his body. Not for the faint hearted.

Human Blockhead

Using a hammer and a nail, or perhaps a shoe and a spoon, Bendini will bang various objects into the centre of his face, this is then filled up by using a power drill.

 Human Ashtray

Taking an unmodified lit cigarette Bendini will quite happily extinguish it on his tongue.

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