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Because you most likely filmed your self-tape in sections, unless requested otherwise, you'll now need to put it together. Editing your self-tape is a lot more simple then it may seem. On a desktop/laptop running Windows, an application we can suggest would be OpenShot Video Editor. Click the logo below for a free direct download link.


  1.  Open up OpenShot Video Editor. First you need to insert your scene and ident.  Do this be selecting File, then import files. 

  2. Once you files have been sourced, select one of the files you wish to insert followed by open.  Repeat this process until all files are in. Alternatively, you can highlight them all and press open. 

  3. Once all the files are imported we will go ahead and make our text clip, which will be placed at the start of the self tape. 

  4. From the choices along the top bar, select Title followed by Title.  Some template options will now present themselves. Scroll down until you see the theme ‘Standard 4’. 

  5. Select it and options to edit this template will appear on the right. You can leave the file name as is but for Line 1 insert your full name, line 2 insert Victorious Management and  line 3 leave blank to create a divide and on line 4 insert the character name and production on line 4 as shown. 

  6. Once done, feel free to change the font but it’s not necessary, however we do suggest changing the text colour from blue to white.  Do this by selecting Text Colour and Colour options will present themselves, select white followed by OK. Now your Text clip is completed hit save.

  7. Now all clips and text file has been done, you’ll you’ll want to start building your self-tape. Lets start with the text clip first.  Simply select, drag and drop the clip onto the project timeline.

  8. We want this clip to be 2-3 seconds long. To the clip down to the right point, you need to get the red line to the place you’d like the clip to be trimmed to. Do this by hovering over the      icon, found above the red line, until your mouse curser changes to

  9. It will now allow you to select, hold and drag the the red line into position . You can see the time frame on the left hand side which indicates where the redline is on the project timeline. Move it back or forth until it’s in-between 2 to 3 seconds. 

  10. Now hover your mouse over the right hand side of the clips box and the mouse curser should change to      . Select, hold and drag the clip inward until you meet up with the red line. 

  11. You’ll now want to insert the scene(s) and ident with the ident going at the end, we’ve come to learn casting directors prefer it. 

  12. Place the clips onto the project timeline making sure they are in order.  Theres a high chance you’ll want to trim the start and end of the clip(s).  Do this exactly the same way as you did the text clip - however this time you’re not focusing on the time frame but more what’s being displayed on the videos preview. 

  13. When trimming your video, your clip may now not be in the correct position and need moving slightly so there’s no gaps.  Hover over the middle over the selected clip and the curser will change to       allowing you to select, drag and drop the clip into the new correct position.  Repeat the process with the other clips if need be. 

  14. Now everything is in place, we will want to add transitions in-between each clip.  Underneath the box containing the project files, select, Transitions. 

  15. Options will present themselves, you’ll want to select the transition labeled Fade.  Simply select, drag and drop the transitions at the beginning of each clip, excluding the title clip. 

  16. The fades duration is quite long, so to reduce the size, trim it the same way you did you did before. Do this for all necessary clips. 

  17. Go over all the transitions to make sure you’re happy with the length of the fade, and if not make the changes. 

  18. You’ll want your self-tape it to fade out. To do this insert the Fade transition but this time place it at the end of the last clip.  

  19. Within the transition block, you’ll see an arrow facing down, select it and some options will appear.  Select Reverse transition. Then trim it down to your preferred length and the self-tape will now fade out. 

  20. Watch through your video making sure you’re happy. When ready to export click File, followed by Export Project, followed by Export Video. 

  21. A pop up will appear offering you options to select from. Unless stated otherwise please save the file as Your name_Role_Production. If you select Browse it will allow you to choose where the file will be saved. 

  22. 720p is the maximum file resolution we suggest in order to keep the file sizes down for the casting director. If your video is over three minutes we suggest reducing it further to 540p. 

  23. Once happy simply click Export Video.  Allow for a few minutes and once it hits 100% it’s completed.  Now all you need to do is send it over to us and we will deal with the rest. 

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 17.49.54.png
Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 17.49.16.png
Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 18.00.36.png
Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 17.49.54.png

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