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Sign Documents



When it comes to signing documents, doing is electronically  is always your best option, unless you have been asked specifically to sign a physical copy.  It's the quickest, neatest and once you know what you're doing the easiest. When signing on a device running MAC OS, you can do all of this from an already installed application called preview (which is what your pdf files should currently open with. 

  1. Go to 'Finder' on your Mac and search for/find the PDF document that needs filling in and/or signing. 

  2. Once found, double click on it and it will open up in  'Preview'.

  3. Once open, you should see the          icon next to the search bar found, top right of the screen.

  4. Once selected, another row of options will appear beneath. In order to add text select the       icon. 

  5. One selected a small text box will appear in the middle of the screen saying TEXT. 

  6. Click on this which will highlight 'TEXT', allowing you to then delete and replace with the text needed, such as your 'First name'

  7. Once satisfied, click anywhere outside the text box to unselect.

  8. To move it to the correct area of the PDF, hover the mouse over the text box and the mouse icon will change to a hand. 

  9. Simply click,  drag and drop the text to the right position and repeat the process for all the necessary fields. 

  10. You can also change the font, size and colour of the text by double clicking in the text box until the text is highlighted and selecting the         icon on the top row.

  11. Once selected, a drop down menu will appear allowing you to make the changes to the text needed. Once satisfied, click anywhere outside of the text box. 

  12. Now you need to input a signature - good news is once you've done this once you wont need to do it again for future documents. 

  13. When ready, from the top row again,  select the         icon and a drop down menu will appear. From here select 'Create Signature'

  14. Then you'll see a rectangle box appear with the text "Click to begin" in the middle. This rectangle represents your entire area of the track pad, so bare that in mind when doing your signature. 

  15. When ready, click and then use your finger to write out your signature and press any key when finished. Alternatively, you can use a stylus or even the rubber part on the lid of certain pens to write it out. 

  16. Either way, once a key has been selected the signature is saved and can be inserted to the PDF document, dragged and dropped, with the option to change the size by selecting one of the four blue dots in each corner of the signiture and dragging the signature to the size you want. 

  17. Once happy with your completed PDF document, simple hit File, then Save. 

  18. Send the file back to us through email and you're done!

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Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 14.19.56.png

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