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Because you most likely filmed your self-tape in sections, unless requested otherwise, you'll now need to put it together. Editing your self-tape is a lot more simple then it may seem. On a iPhone/iPad you can use an application called iMovie that may already be installed on your device.  However, if you don't, please click the App Store button below and it will take you directly to the application, free to download.  

To add: We also suggest also adding a plain black image when inserting your files, this will be used to for the title clip of the self-tape.  Need access to one? Click here and save it to your images.

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Iphone tes .png

  1. Open up the iMovie application. Once open it will prompt you to "Create New" project. Do this by clicking the       icon. 

  2. Once selected a pop up menu will appear presenting two options. Select Movie and it will take you straight to your Photo Library where your recorded footage should be. 

  3. Select all the clips needed, you can tell when a clip is selected as you'll see a      icon appear on the clips thumbnail. We also suggest also adding a plain black image. Need access to one?Click here and save it to your images.  This will be used to for the title clip of the self-tape. 

  4. At a minimum you should be selecting the plane black image, your ident and a single scene. But select all the necessary clips needed for this specific selt-tape. 

  5. Once the clips have been selected, tap                       at the bottom of the screen. 

  6. Your files will then be imported and a new project will open. 

  7. Now you've inserted your clips, theres a probable chance they will not be in the right order.To rearrange your clips, first make sure the clip you want to move is unselected. A selected clip is indicated when the clip has a yellow boarder around it. To unselect, simple tap anywhere (other than the clip) on the project timeline and it will unselect.  

  8. From here, press and hold the clip for around 1 second.  It will then allow you to drag with your finger and reposition the clip before, after or in between other clips in the project timeline.

  9. We suggest putting the clips in the order of, black image first followed by the scene(s) and then the ident last. 

  10. Once in order, we will need to add text to the title clip at the start of the video. Adding a plane black image allows us to make a short introduction to your self-tape that doesn't interfere  with any of your footage. 

  11. Select the plain black clip and at the bottom of the screen tap the        icon. 

  12. Options for the style of your text will then appear, we suggest to go with 'Standard'. 

  13. Once selected, three lines of text should appear on top of your black image. Tap which line you want to edit and input Victorious Management on the first line. Your Name on the second and the role/project on the third (as seen in the video) 

  14. Now all the clips are done and in correct order, you may need to crop or lengthen certain ones. Do this by selecting the clip and dragging the yellow tab on the left or right of the clip to make it shorted or longer. 

  15. Once satisfied everything is in completed, tap Done in the top left of the screen. 

  16. The project will minimise with the option to edit again or three further options at the bottom of the screen.  

  17. Select the      icon and a pop up menu will appear giving options on where you want to share it. Select 

  18. From here another menu will appear offering you file sizes to select from. To keep the file size down but the quality still there, 720p is a good choice to go with. 

  19. Once selected a progress bar will appear titled "Exporting Movie". Once completed you will get a pop up message saying "The movie was exported to your Photo Library". Simply press Ok and you're done. 

  20. Now you just need to send it us! 

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Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.32.02.png

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