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Once you've finished your self tape you'll need to send it to us in order for us to get if off to the casting director.  A simple method (and one we prefer) is using the free file transfer site: Please follow the short tutorial and written instructions below.  You can download the WeTransfer app for this however we suggest just do it through the internet app on your phone.

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Iphone tes .png
Iphone tes .png
Iphone tes .png
Iphone tes .png

  1. Open up the internet app and search WeTransfer into your search bar and it should be the first  option. Alternatively you  can go direct to the site by entering or copying the URL as shown in the video. 

  2. Once on select                 

  3. It will then allow you to add a file by selecting the        icon.

  4. A pop up menu will appear giving you options on where to locate the file. 

  5. Find the saved file, select it and it and press done.  It will then take you back to WeTransfer. 

  6. Insert a message if you wish but not a necessity and select

  7. You'll be presented with two options:

    1. Send an email​

    2. Get a link

  8. Select send an email and press next

  9. You'll now be prompted to fill in the "Email to" and "Your email" field. Please "Email to"

  10. Once both fields have been inputted select                at the bottom.  

  11. Once selected it will ask you for a verification code they sent to your email.

  12. Access your email and either copy or type in the 6 digit verification code.

  13. Back on WeTransfer insert or paste the 6 digit code and select 

  14. Once you've done this, a percentage circle will appear showing you the progress of the file being sent.

  15. Once it reached 100%, you'll get a message saying "You're Done!". You'll also get a confirmation email once your file has been sent and another when downloaded by us. 

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 13.18.05.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 13.18.40.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 13.18.56.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 13.24.55.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 13.19.07.png

Leave any questions, answers or suggestions below:

*This is not connected to your account, so either keep an eye out for a reply or leave your email to be notified 

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