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When it comes to signing documents, doing is electronically  is always your best option, unless you have been asked specifically to sign a physical copy.  It's the quickest, neatest and once you know what you're doing the easiest. When signing on a device running Windows, there seems to be very few if any free software allowing you to do so, so we suggest using a website called DocHub to achieve this. 

Side note: You will need a mobile phone for this as well, in order to input your signature any phone that has a touch screen and access to the internet will be fine. 

  1. Go to

  2. Once on the site, you’ll need to log in. We suggest just selecting sign in with google account but can sign up with alternative email if you wish. 

  3. Once selected, you’ll now be prompted to log in to your google account. Select the account you wish to choose. 

  4. Once logged in, select new and a new page will open titled Create New Document.

  5. Select from computer and source your file.  Once found, select the file followed by open. 

  6. Once open, if not done so already please read through and make sure you’re happy with what you’re signing. We are here to help if you have any concerns or questions. 

  7. When ready to start filling in the documents fields, select the      icon along the top or simply press the letter T on your keyboard. 

  8.  Once selected your mouse cursor will change to    . Move the mouse in to position of where you want to insert the text and simply click. 

  9.  It will now allow you to insert the information to the corresponding field.

  10.  Your mouse curser will remain the same so you can move on to the next field and insert any information that’s being asked of you.

  11.  Once satisfied and all fields except date and signature have been filled in, you want to select the     icon along the top or esc on your keyboard. 

  12. To move text into a different position,  simply select the text you want to move and two options appear in a small blue box. When selecting the      icon, It will allow you to drag and drop the text into your preferred position. 

  13. If you want to delete a field then simply select the      icon.  If you want to edit the text, double click in the actual text box and it will allow you to make changes. 

  14. Once all in place, you’ll now need to date and sign the document, along the top select Sign. A drop down menu will appear. Select the date that is shown, this will of course change daily and always be correct. When selected move the mouse into position and click. 

  15. To sign, go back along the top and select sign again, but this time when the drop down menu appears select create new signature. 

  16. You’ll now need to grab any smartphone that has a camera and access to the internet. The good news is, when you’ve done this once you won’t need to do it again. 

  17. Open up the camera app and simply place it over the QR code on the computer screen.    A notification should appear on your phone screen prompting you to select it. 

  18. Once selected, the internet app will open up and take you to a web address. Tap the screen to get rid of the welcome message and tilt your phone as asked. 

  19. You’ll now be able to insert a signature, do this by using your finger or better yet a stylus! If not happy then tap clear and try again, but once happy select next. 

  20. You’ll then be asked to write in your initials, you may not need them for the document you’re signing but you may as well do it now for potential future documents that will require it.  Once inserted, select save and finish. 

  21. Now you can put your phone down and go back to your laptop or desktop.  Click out of the Create Signature section and refresh the page. 

  22. Now back to this document. Select Sign along the top and now in the drop down menu you will see your signature and initials available to select and insert. 

  23. Click on the signature and like the date, move the mouse and click when it's in the correct position. 

  24. To change the size, use the arrows around the text box by simply selecting and dragging to your preferred size.  Do the same for the initials if the document requires it. 

  25. If you need to make any edits or reposition anything in the document then use what you’ve learnt and make the changes. 

  26.  Once satisfied, simply click …… icon in the top right corner to export the document. 

  27. A pop up menu will appear, no need to change any settings. Simply hit download and the file will download to your computer. 

  28. Now just get it back to us via email and we will deal with the rest!

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