When coming to film your self-tape, small adjustments can make all the difference. Below are some tutorials that will set you in good stead. 


  • The likes of commercial and music videos will usually want much more information in your idents including your side profiles and the front and back of your hands. 

  • Film/Tv are usually a lot more short and sweet. 

  • Always read exactly what the Casting Director is after and give them that.  If they don't say anything, still do one but you can keep it brief as explained in the video. 


  • You want quite a tight shot, not too much space above your head or too much of your chest on show. 

  • Stand Slightly Off Centre, this makes for a more natural shot

  • Once you have found your perfect spot within frame, set a marker on the floor with tape, so you can keep returning to the same spot when taking multiple takes.



  • It’s essential that the viewer of the self tape gets to see your eyes. Find your point of focus somewhere just off lens and if it helps mark the point of focus with something like a post it note.

  • Hold the moment at the end before rushing back to your camera to switch it off!

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