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Because you most likely filmed your self-tape in sections, unless requested otherwise, you'll now need to put it together. Editing your self-tape is a lot more simple then it may seem. On a desktop/laptop running MAC OS you can use a application called iMovie that should already be installed on your device.  However, if you don't please click the App Store button below and it will take you directly to the application, free to download. 

App Store Google Play.png

  1. Open up the iMovie application. Once open it will prompt you to "Create New" project. Do this by clicking the        icon. 

  2. Once selected a small drop down menu will appear presenting two options. Select Movie and a new project will open. 

  3. From here open up 'Finder' on your Mac system and find the files you're looking for - this should be a minimum of an ident and the scene (This could be more if numerous scenes or takes have been required). 

  4. Once the clips have been found either highlight them all and simply drag and drop then into the project or do them separately as shown in the video. 

  5. Regardless how you import the media, they may not be in the correct order.  The order should be a short title clip, followed by the scenes and lastly the ident. 

  6. To change the order, select a media clip on the projects timeline and simply drag and drop the clips and rearrange them into the correct order. 

  7. Once happy with the order, you'll need to add a title clip at the start. Along the top you will see a few options you can select from, select 'titles'.   This will present a selection of title options - we suggest to use the first option "Standard" but whichever you choose will be fine. Once happy, drag and drop the title to the beginning of your project timeline. 

  8. Once you've done that, it will allow you to edit the text. Do this by double clicking over the text you want to edit. You can edit the look of the text by selecting the options found above the play back area to the right of the screen across the top. 

  9. Once satisfied click anywhere empty on the project timeline. 

  10. We suggest now adding transitions between each clip. Go to the top options on the left again but this time select 'Transitions'. We suggest using cross dissolve between all clips (including the title clip) but using fade to black right at the end, as shown on the tutorial video. 

  11. Now go right to the top left of the screen and select File - Share - File.

  12. You'll then be prompted to name your file, if not asked to label specifically we suggest using the following YOUR NAME_ROLE_PRODUCTION

  13. Hit next and then select where you'd like to save it. Once happy click 'Save' and allow the video to export. Progress of this can be shown on the top right of the screen. 

  14. Once completed, you'll be asked if you want to be shown the file, if you select this it will take you straight to the file in 'Finer'. Regardless, the file will have been saved to your designated location. 

  15. Now all you need to do is send it to us!

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 12.51.25.png

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