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Set Up

A decent set up is important. The right lighting and backdrop will make all the difference to a self-tape.  Below is what we suggest you purchase, including a couple of items that we highly recommend, along with further options.


  • Pop Up Backdrop 

  • Roller Blind

  • Painted Wall

  • Full Kit

Here are some backdrop options. A ‘pop up’ backdrop is our top recommendation, as it won’t crease like a regular fabric backdrop but if you are able to paint a wall and forego the need for an added backdrop, even better!  


  • Ring Light

  • Box Light X2 

  • Natural Light

Lighting is very important and has a huge impact on the footage quality. Box lights are an excellent option but are expensive and space hoarding. Natural light is also brilliant but leaves you restricted by weather and time of day. Ring lights are our best recommendation.  The cost of a ring light will vary, but you don't need to buy a top of the range one! Any 10-12" ring light on a decent sized stand/tripod will do. We recommend a separate light tripod and camera stand for flexibility.  


It is essential that you have a tripod to film your self-tapes. Any tripod with a holder that can support and elevate your recording device will do, look for a tripod that extends to at least a metre, preferably taller.  


  • Mobile Phone

  • iPad/Tablet

  • Video Camera

If you have an amazing video camera then go for it but phone cameras now a days are amazing and will be able to produce the quality needed for these self tapes. Hopefully this is at no extra cost to you. 

You don't need to spend a lot on this equipment.  Below are links to some examples of the equipment we suggest.  Feel free to purchase elsewhere but this gives you good idea for what to look for. 

Tripod .jpg
Ring Light.jpg

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