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Circus - Dance - Technical Hula Hooping


Location: London, UK

Height: 168cm

Weight: 50kg


Playing Age: 25-35


Appearance: Black

Eye Colour: Brow

Hair Colour: Black and Pink 


Hair Style: Afro



Symoné is a professional circus artist, choreographer, and cabaret artist with an creative ability to express herself through movement by integrating street and club dances within circus skills. As a hula hoop instructor, she is the founder of “Hoop x” a hoop and dance teaching program that integrates voguing and dancehall choreography. She is a resident artist at The Roundhouse and holds a Guinness World Record.

Full set of Skill

Circus, Dance and Technical Hula Hoop

Symoné is a world renowned hula hoop artist, having worked with various musicians and world class companies, such as La Soirée, Omi, Jon Hopkins, Machel Montano, and Sun Ra's Arkestra, in high energy and technical hula hoop performances. Her shows build up to 40 hoops on her body at once, with fusion from voguing and dancehall dance moves, providing a signature flavour to her hula hoop routines.


Inspired by a fusion of artistic and dance (or jam) style skating, Symoné's feel good rollerskating performances are hugely popular for disco and American themed events.

Rollerskating with Multiple Hoops

Symoné uniquely combines multiple hula hoops and rollerskates, perfect for large stages. Symoné WOWS crowds by splitting, tossing, and spinning hula hoops on and around her body while rollerskating. These highly technical performances are one of Symoné's most popular routines.

Pole Dancing(Exotic, Artistic, with Rollerskates)

Both sexy and sensual, these performances are a perfect atmosphereic element to events in need of a strong and alluring spectacle.


Combining Jamiacan Dancehall movements, Symoné choreographs high energy carnival style dance performances, available for duo and group bookings.

Voguing (femme)

Symoné is a self-trained voguer active in the London Ballroom (or voguing community). In 2016, she was on the judging panel at 'Jay Jay Revlon's Circus Ball" in East London. Her voguing is a key signature in her cabaret performances.

Hula Hoop and Rollerskate Instructor & Choreographer

Symoné is a qualified hula hoop instructor, rollerskate dance teacher and choreographer. Her workshops have toured across the UK at Scotland's First Hula Hoop Convention, Manchester's Hoop Convention, Welsh's Hoop Convention, and Birmingham Hoop Fest. She is available for corporate hula hoop workshop bookings, music videos, and as a 1-2-1 coach.

Please note: All performances are available for duo and group bookings upon request. 



Café de Paris

Resident Performer, January 2018 - Present

The Roundhouse

Resident Artist March 2017 - Present

La Soirée

Hula Hoop Artist, August 2017 - Present

The Cocoa Butter Club

Resident Performer, September 2016-Present

The Aeronaut

Resident Performer, October 2016-Present

Starship Hoopers by Chivaree Circus

Hula Hoop Artist, Rollarskater, June 2014-Present

Hiptronic Arts

Sponsored Hoop Artist January 2015-2017


Rollarskater June 2016-July 2017

Marawa’s Majorettes

Hula Hoop Artist, Rollarskater, May 2012 – January 2017

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