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Once you've finished your self tape you'll need to send us your self tape in order for us to get if off to the casting director.  A simple method (and one we prefer) is using the free file transfer site: Please follow the short tutotrial and written our instructions below. 

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  1. Either click or copy or simply search 'wetransfer' in to your search engine and it will be the first option presented. 

  2. Once on select the       icon found in the white box left of the screen. 

  3. Then a pop up will appear presenting all your files. Find and select your file/files, and click open. 

  4. Alternatively you can find your file/files in 'Finder' and drag and drop them into the wetansfer page (both ways are shown in the tutorial video. 

  5. Once all the necessary files have been inputted, you'll then need to fill in the options:

    1. Email to - use the email

    2. Your email - Use your email here. 

    3. Message - Feel free to send us a message along with the file but not a necessity. 

  6. Once all filled in, select the                       icon. It will then ask you for a verification code which they would have sent to your email.

  7. Access your email and either copy or type in the 6 digit verification code where prompted on the WeTransfer website. Once you've done this hit enter of select the select the                      icon.

  8. Once you've done this, a percentage circle will appear showing you the progress of the file being sent.

  9. Once it's reached 100%, you'll get a message saying it's all done with the details of the transfer on the right of the screen, you'll also get a confirmation email once your file has been sent and another when downloaded by us. 

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 13.37.56.png
Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 13.40.36.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 13.18.40.png

Leave any questions, answers or suggestions below:

*This is not connected to your account, so either keep an eye out for a reply or leave your email to be notified 

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